Sustainability at the core: Wolf launches eco-friendly packaging

Wolf is dedicated to sustainable mobility, extending beyond engine oils to our packaging! Introducing the revolutionary Bag in Box solution - our smart and innovative packaging solution. 

In our drive towards future mobility, we remain committed to reducing waste and promoting positive and sustainable change. That is why we have developed an alternative eco-friendly packaging solution of 20 liters, which will be used for 21 Wolf products and cut waste by 90%. These oils are designed to cover 92% of the European car parc, significantly enhancing the overall sustainability of our packaging volume. 

Through the efforts of our R&D team, we have developed a substitute for conventional plastic oil containers – one that offers reduced plastic waste without sacrificing function. The result is a packaging system that is optimized for storage, ease of use, and shelf life – making it an ideal enhancement for your workshop!  

Reduces waste by 90%  

The Wolf Bag in Box incorporates a robust, waterproof cardboard casing, along with a fully-recyclable plastic inner lining. Together, they provide an impressive 90% decrease in waste, compared to standard 20-liter oil containers, while using 80% less plastic. 

At Wolf, we recognize that sustainability should never be at the expense of practicality, which is why each Bag in Box unit is equipped with built-in handles and a tap for swift and spill-free pouring, with no air ingress – ideal for workshops! Bag in Box ensures smooth and speedy filling, particularly when coupled with our Wolf Oil Cabin or 20L display. 

For workshops, it also means that you can store more oil in greater variety to maximize market coverage! In turn, this also leads to more efficient transport, lowering the transport emission costs of each unit. 

This new packaging innovation is yet another sign that Wolf is seeking out and engineering sustainable solutions in the lubricant industry, continuing to lead the pack.